Helpful Techniques to Make Your Stinky Car Smell Brand New Again

Have you ever thought about buying a second hand Mitsubishi car but worried about the ‘old car’ smell? When it comes to used cars, that is perfectly understandable. This can be a major drawback when buying a used car in Brisbane. However, talking to used car dealers in Brisbane will help you find a solution. A trusted Brisbane Mitsubishi dealer is good at solving this problem to make your used car smell brand new.



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A bad-smelling car affects your reputation, especially when your friends ask you for a ride. Your dealer will educate you on the different factors that make a car smell unpleasant. These are as follow:


  • Mould and Mildew – Even if your car has a plush interior and top of the line carpet installed, it is still easy for moisture or humidity to build up inside. Wet shoes during rainy days can bring moisture in and mildew and mold can start growing. These odors from mildew and mold are very difficult to remove.


    • Bacteria – The average car can host hundreds of different bacteria per square inch, especially if you are fond of eating inside your car or bringing plant life inside. These products rot easily and the bacteria they produce sink into the upholstery causing a bad smell over time. LDV vans, for instance, can lift two pallets in the cargo bay. However, its space also makes it easier for bacteria to enter through the pallets and other stuff you put inside the cargo bay. Talking to a Brisbane LDV dealer may help you find a solution on how to keep bacteria off your LDV van for it to remain smelling fresh and brand new.



  • Smoke – The smell of smoke lingers in clothes, hairs and fingers as well as the upholstery of your car. It acts like a sponge that absorbs the smoke, making it very difficult to eliminate.



Although there are a lot of products out there that you can try to keep your car smelling fresh, talking to Brisbane Mitsubishi dealers is still a wise choice. If you have a used car but you are not yet ready to part with it, take a look at these helpful tips below to make your car smell brand new.


1. Wash the Upholstery – You can use a car shampoo and a sponge or brush to wash the upholstery. Use as little water as possible for the shampoo to create suds. This will also lessen fabric drying time. After shampooing, use a clean damp sponge to absorb the suds. You can leave the car window open or use a wet-dry vacuum to speed up drying. Click here Brisbane City Automotive


2. Replacing Cabin Filter – Most cars like Mitsubishi or Citroen, for instance, have cabin filters to help clean air into the vehicle through outside air intake system. Dirt and grime can accumulate on the filters and reduce its efficiency. You can check your car manual or ask a Brisbane Citroen dealer to inspect the cabin filter and replace as required.


3. Deodorize Air System – This step is sometimes overlooked and may affect the smell of the entire vehicle. If you are using the latest Dodge Challenger, you may have known about its ventilated seating to keep you cool and comfortable during a long drive. It is best to talk to a Brisbane Dodge dealer to find out how you can deodorize the air system of your new ride. This way you can keep it smelling fresh and clean all year-round.


The next time you plan on buying a used Mitsubishi car, you will no longer have to worry about the smell. Keep these above tips in mind for your car to smell brand new or talk to Brisbane Mitsubishi dealers for an effective product you can use to freshen up your car. See more at