The Innovations in the Automotive Industry: How Technology Makes Driving Easier

Gone were the days when driving off-road trails are a dilemma for most drivers. With the recent innovation in technology, it is now easier to navigate challenging terrains as well as driving under extreme weather conditions. Take for example the latest Jeep Compass Brisbane dealers have in the market today. Its ability to perform well under various off-road conditions has earned it a Trail Rated badge.

How is technology changing the way people drive? Below are examples of how technology is combined with automobile engineering order to make road navigation easier.

1. Keyless Entry

Despite the many drawbacks on keyless entry vehicles, this technology is still an advantage. However, it won’t be long before you only need to use your fingerprints to open and lock your cars. It has been done on cell phones so it will possibly be made available in the automobile industry. You can also find this technology among Brisbane Jeep Grand Cherokee models that are available in the market today.

2. Multiple Cameras

Rear view cameras are now considered a thing of the past. What is common are multiple cameras that provide enlarged fields of view from multiple angles. This is also needed for vehicles that provide a comprehensive data when it comes to measuring the distance from an unseen object.

3. Traction Control

This system helps minimize tire slipping when accelerating on slippery roads. When this feature is turned on, the driver need not feather the gas pedal to keep the wheels from slipping wildly. This technology is also available in Jeep Compass Brisbane dealers offer under the term Selec-Terrain Traction Control System. It allows the driver to choose from five off-road modes for easy driving on various road surfaces.

4. Hill Descent Control

When this feature is turned on, the ABS system will control the speed of each wheel. This is also found in the latest Jeep Compass Brisbane dealers has for those who opt for vehicles that are flexible in either off-road or on-road conditions. This allows the vehicle to navigate rough terrain without having the driver press the brake pedal.

5. In Dash Monitoring

Most cars nowadays are fitted with built-in monitors in varying sizes depending on the car model. It performs for almost all vehicles functions such as parking sensors, digital gauges, mileage mentor, maintenance tracker, performances tests, reads and clears trouble codes and a lot more. If you rather prefer a Wrangler Jeep than a Cherokee, you can ask any Brisbane Jeep Wrangler dealers today about in-dash monitoring or TrailDash, as it is aptly named. Technicians who service Jeep Brisbane centers offer will easily identify which part of your vehicle is having problems just by viewing Traildash.

6. Electronic Stability Control

This is mostly used on off-road trucks as it helps improve the vehicle’s stability by detecting and reducing traction loss. When the system detects any loss of steering control on your part, it automatically applies the breaks and helps steer the vehicle toward your desired location. This is especially useful during winter when the roads are slippery upon navigation.

The above are just a few modern innovations that make road navigation a lot easier. When you finally decide to purchase any Jeep model, make sure to look for their features and specs and tailor your search according to your preference. More information at