Steps You Shouldn’t Ignore When Moving Heavy Furniture

When time to move into a new house comes, most people are excited about the progress they are about to experience. They can’t wait to open the gate of their own house having spent several years in a rented house. Nevertheless, they get nervous of how they would move their belongings especially if they have so much furniture. Moving a lot of heavy furniture can be tricky and hectic if it’s not properly planned. With heavy and big multi-functional beds and sofas, it’s good to get several quotes for furniture removals Southport has today to ensure you stick to a favorable budget. Know what you should do when planning to move your heavy furniture:

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Be careful when planning the move

Ensure the access points at the current and new home locations are properly measured. You should access such location points before you think of how you would pick up that heavy bed or coach. You should also assess the heavy furniture pieces to know the best way to move them. Knowing the dimensions of your heavy furniture is important especially if the flight of stairways, doorway or hallway is narrow. It’s an important aspect to help you reduce the cost of hiring furniture removals Southport has today. If the doors and walls are damaged as you maneuver and carry the furniture, you would spend more money on repair.

Know your strength and health

After you have decided on the best way to carry your heavy furniture, you need to assess whether you can suitably perform this task. People with pre-existing health issues such as a painful back should not carry the furniture. This also applies to people with some unhealthy leg and arm joints. The best thing such people can do is leaving the entire furniture moving the process to professional removalists. Successful furniture removals in Southport begin with safety and good planning. Click here BPE Removals

Disassemble the heavy furniture

Disassembling furniture helps in reducing weight for easy lifting, wrapping, and packing. Ensure the shelves of your drawer are removed. If it’s not possible to remove the shelves, you should completely empty them. Make sure all the books in the bookcases should be removed since they make the bookcases heavier. Remove the pillows from the couches and the bed’s mattress so that each can be carried separately. This is what most of the people who want to save on Southport furniture removals do.

Use high-quality packing materials to protect your furniture

Safety is among the main aspects you should mind about when preparing to move into your new home. Besides ensuring self-safety, you should also ensure the furniture is properly protected from sharp objects, caustic and colored liquids, and harsh weather if the moving vehicle is not sheltered. Heavy duty moving blankets and packing wraps are some of the high-quality packing materials you should use. Above all, you should ensure the furniture removals Southport has to offer you get is affordable.

As discussed above, a move can’t be successful if it’s not well planned. The moving plans should be made several weeks before the actual moving day. If you have heavy furniture to move with, you should start to find furniture removals in Southport early instead of waiting for the last-minute rush.