Utility Canopy Buying Tips

Planning to buy a utility canopy for your vehicle? Whatever your maker or model is, there are several considerations you should look into with so many vehicle companies supplying varied products to meet your needs. However, when it comes to vehicle service bodies, various models such as the A-body single cab, the Z-body single cab, the canopy service body, the ROPs service body, the Toolbox Line-up, and the Trade Topper do exist. Service teams mostly choose from this wide array, depending on the vehicle maker and model.

utility canopy

XL Service Bodies is an Australian company, considered to be a world leader in designing and manufacturing service bodies used by service teams all over the world. If you are looking for one with an excellent quality, here is a simple guide you can use to choose the best vehicle service body products:

The Quality

Quality is an important aspect when buying a custom Ute canopy body. However, there are certain factors you should evaluate first. For example, you should ensure that the canopy has a solid design. The welding and finishing should be professionally done. Ensure that there is an accurate fit for doors and windows. The locks of the canopies should open easily and easy to operate, while the compression style of service bodies should be of the highest quality.

In addition, gas struts of the canopy should be made with stainless steel materials to prevent rust occurrence. When a stainless steel material is used in hinges of service bodies, it adds strength to the structures. Check out for door structures, which you can afford leaving out in the rain without any risk of leakage. Panels of the canopy should also be flat and free of ripples. Another quality-related consideration to look into when choosing a utility canopy is the strength of doors. It is important to ensure that all these would not flex.

The Strength

Given the choice between aluminum and fiber glass for the strength of utility canopy bodies, choose the stronger material of aluminum. It offers many advantages over the fiberglass. For example, it is not affected by UV rays as opposed to fiberglass, which soon loses its sheen due to the effect of UV rays. Also, aluminum does not burn. These qualities give it a significant advantage over the fiberglass when it comes to choosing a custom Ute body. Check out the range of aluminum Ute bodies manufactured by XL.

Thickness of the Materials

When making this purchase, it is important to ensure that the thickness of panels is at least 2.5mm. Also, the frame thickness should be at least 3mm.

Attention to Detail

Is the manufacturer meticulous with the design? Has enough attention been paid to the things which are most important to you? Are things fitting in the right place? Does the custom design job look professional?

It is important to look at some items included in the quoted price list. If you are looking for some professional custom canopies Adelaide design work for your service teams, check out this website: http://www.xl.com.au/.